APAD: Day 1

Whilst I was studying I always thought the “Photo a day” project was for people with no imagination. 2 years on and as many projects completed within that time I realise that without lecturers setting tasks and being immersed in that creative environment, every day life can often smother creativity and projects constantly get put off for more mundane tasks.

Now I understand that the photo a day project is not for the imagination-challenged but instead for photographers who are willing to work every day to keep their creativity at its peak level when there is so much around to distract them.

So I’m doing something I never though I would. Be it on my phone or camera, once a day I will take some time out to take a photograph. And not a pretty photograph or a selfie but something I have considered and that has meaning to me. Whilst I’ll always post the photo on this blog, sometimes I might not share what the photo means to me.

So here it goes. Here’s day 1…

Day 1: Decaying flowers (CC BY)
Day 1: Decaying flowers (CC BY)

It took me half an hour to think of something to photograph. I even turned off Netflix (and that’s a big deal in my house) to concentrate on my thoughts. As I sat I noticed my vase water looked murky with a layer of gunk which had formed on the surface. I thought for a moment how the flowers had just been sitting there, looking beautiful on the surface but unknowingly decaying in the water. This felt like the perfect first image to represent my creativity starting to decay under every day life.

As soon as I took this photo I emptied the vase, it sits on my table empty pristine once again.



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