How did I ever live without Tank Girl?

Where do I even start with Tank girl? I’ve somehow managed to spend my entire adult life completely unaware of one of the greatest female characters of all time. This is where I have to thank Netflix for introducing me and the tank-dwelling punk gal.


The film, being my first experience of the Tank Girl, will always be where my love for the story and character gravitates back to. You can imagine my excitement when I saw a storyline unfold that is follows a similar theme to Mad Max (but much better) led by a Gwen Stefani-esque, confident, weird and wonderful woman, all the things I and a lot of others aspire to be. Finally another strong female dominating what is quite a male-orientated field (even when it’s a fictional story). So step up Rebacca Buck (Tank Girl) and take your place next to the Likes of Croftie and the girls of the Ghibli films. (I say step up, but tank girl has been head of the kick-ass women table since the 80’s – I just never knew it until now)


I can’t mention Tank Girl without talking about the comics, where it all started. As a newly converted Tank Girl fan I’ve never read the original comics, but with the first edition of 21st Century Tank Girl dropped through my letter box today I can tell you that it’s an awesome read that lives up to Tank Girls bad girl reputation. The reboot was written by Tank Girls creator Jamie Hewlett (also the man behind the Gorillaz artwork) and was financed by crowdfunders. You can check out the big cartel store here.


As you can imagine Tank Girl makes an impressive cosplay. There are no rules…


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